Getting Paid Fast

Getting Paid Quickly…
How to Follow Up on Your Pending Business


You’ve written your first piece of business and you’ve submitted your client’s application to the carrier, so what do you do next? It’s easy, if you follow the steps listed below.

When the Carrier Needs More Info or Clarification

  1. Before you leave an appointment, let your clients know that they may be called on to provide more information or details about their personal or health situation.
  2. The Carrier may need:
    1. Verification of dates
    2. Attending Physician Statements
    3. Telephone interview, etc.
  3. You need to respond immediately to any email or call from the carrier!!

How to Follow Up on Carrier Requests

  1. Once you have confirmed the information from your client, you will need to communicate with the Carrier.
    1. If it’s a simple verification, you can usually call the underwriting department and confirm any information verbally.
    2. If you need to submit paperwork, you will likely need your client’s signature(s) and then you will need to send it to your agency manager’s office or directly to the carrier using the carrier’s secure email.
  2. Any changes will normally generate an Amendment that will require your client’s signature on policy delivery.
  3. When the carrier requires a telephone interview
    1. You proactively set up the call
    2. Prepare your client to answer only the questions asked; this is not the time for them to elaborate on anything that has not been diagnosed and treated
    3. Take note of the PHI number for reference
    4. When you use 3-way calling to get the interview done, you cannot say a word on the call or it will disqualify your client.
  4. Be sure to notify New Business that the call was completed as requested.

Remember: the Clock is Ticking!

Many clients become nervous as time lapses –
and more so when they don’t hear from you!
Put yourself in their shoes!
Become a Professional in Every Aspect
LOVE to hear from and talk to your client

Follow Your Pending

  1. You are not finished with the application process until you see “Issued / Paid” on your file.
  2. EVERY DAY check if there are any pending requirements with each carrier.

What is Expected of You?

Be Professional & Communicate – with your leaders & clients

  1. Follow Your Business to Completion
  2. Meet Pending Amendment/Conditions
  3. Communicate with Your Client
  4. Ask for assistance
  5. Be very responsive to Cynthia/your leader
  6. If there are client issues, ask your manager/mentor for assistance on absolutely the best way to approach any situation
  7. Become a professional in every aspect of your business!

Where to Get Contact Information for Each Carrier

  1. Sign in to
  2. Scroll to the Carriers tab on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Click on Carriers and you will find a listing of all our carrier partners.
    1. When you choose a carrier, all the information about that carrier will pop up, including telephone numbers and a direct link to the carrier’s website.
  4. Become familiar with each carrier’s services by exploring their websites and adding their telephone numbers to your phone for easy access.

What if I have more questions?

Please get in touch with your team leader or agency manager if you need more information on how to ensure your business is processed quickly and you are paid.