Here’s what we do…

We help families take care of their financial assets in the event of an unexpected death in the family. We also help families protect their assets against living too long…and that is happening more than ever!  Not to mention, Medicare, Medicare supplements, hospital indemnity and so much more.  

You might be asking yourself a couple of questions at this point. One of those might be, “Do I have to cold call or bring you a list of my 200 nearest and dearest friends?”

The answer to that is, “NO!”

You see, we own our own mail house and we send out over a million letters each week to people that have bought a home, refinanced a home, got married, had a baby or turned 65.  When people are interested in what we offer them, they send us their height, weight, birthdates and up to three phone numbers to get in touch. So do you think these people might want what we have? You bet they do!

We have more families needing our help than we do agents to help them…and that’s where you come in!  As a matter of fact, we can triple our weekly mailings all across America!

We also have a telemarketing center where 42 outbound dialers contact people who did not respond to our offer, giving them the chance to change their mind and have a mortgage protection or final expense specialist visit their home to help them out. And, we have multiple websites that people can visit to ask for help.

As a specialist with The Lampe Company, your role is to call families that have requested our help, set up a time (on your schedule) to meet on the phone, yes, virtually, or in the home and share the protection plans offered by our “A” and “A+” rated providers (such as Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica), plus companies like Humana, Cigna, United Healthcare for Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Then, you will meet with them and help them find a program that meets their needs and budget, complete the paperwork and submit it for review by one of our 20+ providers which will fit best. 

Our providers are approving applications on a daily basis and paying you Monday, Wednesday, Friday!  

And, that’s just the start…promotions, bonus programs, incentive trips, retirement plans, equity!


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