Client Presentations

Virtual and In Home Appointments

Whether you are virtual or doing in home appointments, it is important to be prepared on what to say and do.  Study these videos as these agents are the copy worth duplicating.  You can do this…the way has been paved for you!

Keeping it simple is key…be YOU!  – A confused mind does nothing.  The clients are looking to you for help and guidance.

The “About Me” page is so important to get that connection quickly in the home or on the phone.  Here is the template to use when preparing yours.  If you need help, we are here to help you.  Just send two or three photos of you and/or your family, and if you have a pet that’s great too!  Fill in the blanks with this template

Virtual Appointments Video – make sure you get with your leader and get your virtual card set up!

Over the Phone sales script

About Me Template