New Agent Registration for Training Center

Duplication and speed is key when building a massive organization.  This website is designed to help you get your agent ouWe are very excited with the new site and ask that you complete this form each time you have a new agent fully contracted (including receipt of license and voided check).  The form will be sent to Rowena and she will be the one to grant access as this new system does not have the same access features at this time.

Also, remember, if you wish to delete or suspend agent access, please email Rowena and she will handle that as well.  We will be working on providing you a listing of those in the system so you can monitor that as well…but that will come in time.

How to Build a Massive Team


New Agent FastStart Guide

Warm Market Explosion!

Be sure and read the Warm Market section and start doing this right away! After learning it at corporate, I realized that is really how we built this business from the start and then, cold market recruiting took over, and really the key to HUGE and more reliable growth is the warm market.

There is an audio on there on exactly how to do the warm market recruiting with your team whether they are licensed or not…the key is to take massive action!