Leads and Strategies

How much money do you want to make?
How fast do you want that to happen?

It’s important that you have a clear goal and understanding how to make that happen, otherwise, it is just a wish.  Let’s face it, you have to have people to talk to or you are out of business.  Warm market is great, and once you build on the referral tools we have in place, this will enhance your results and reach your income goals even faster.

Get with your leader on how to understand the leads, our proven system and invest smart.  It’s all about numbers; let the law of large numbers work for you!  Investing in your business will bring your goals and dreams to life!

Here is a guide to your income goals vs. dials and number of contacts

Your leader, or Agency Manager staff, would be your first go to, plus the Lead Performance Team at The Alliance (LPT) is also available to help you determine a great mix of leads that will help you achieve your goals.  Feel free to click on the following link to set up an appointment to speak with them one-on-one!

Click on this link to set up one-on-one with Lead Performance Team

Watch #164 on NAAUniversity.com for lead types and descriptions.

Aside from obtaining leads from the Alliance, we have also provided a proven list of proven lead vendors with special discounts to help you make money whatever your lead investment is.

Here are a few:   Leadrilla.com (LPT department has special discount code that will save you even more money)

MailProLeads.com – Fresh for as low as $8!