Welcome to the Lampe Warriors and Alliance Family!

Congratulations, you have taken the first step toward financial freedom and making a difference in the lives of others.  Make sure you follow the steps we have laid out so you can make things happen fast…whether you are doing this full time or as a side hustle!

start here, make money FAST!

Download Mike’s Phone Script by clicking here . Then follow along with his video.

Download and print the ATM and ATM “About Me” template. Send the completed “About Me” pages to your Team Leader/Mentor.
 – Alliance Training Manual
 – ATM “About Me” Template

Download and use these tools to to boost your business every month.
 – The GreenSheet
 – The ERS form
 – A Referral form

Great news, you are not alone, you will have leadership and mentorship every step of the way.  You can make great inroads quick and create the income you have always dreamed of.  Remember, don’t try and be an expert from day one, it’s a process.  Agent mentors are set in place to help you in the home or on the phone.  Make sure you review our promotion guidelines as you can skip levels quickly and we will help you do that too!

Remember, don’t get stuck in the library trying to know everything, it will come, chunk it down daily and learn during non-income producing activity times…more on that later!

Download this Resource Guide for easy reference for sites, contact info for websites, companies, and carriers

1) Get Plugged In  (training call schedules, new agent training, what’s possible for you)

2)  Leads (breakdown, types, making the best choices for you)

3)  Phones & Booking Appointments

4)  Appointment Prep and Quoting Tools

5)  In Home and/or Virtual Presentation

6)  Completing & Submitting Apps

7)  Growing and Building Your Business