Building Your Team

Warm Market Recruiting is the fastest and most effective way to build your team!

Multiply your team in days, not weeks and months…and this is the way to do it.   This must become a non-negotiable habit, in your schedule!

First, the new agent (whether licensed or in class) needs to understand the importance of recruiting from the start as it will set them free.  They AND YOU can maximize time and efforts by compressing time frames and I can’t think of a better way to do it than this!

Read and study this carefully…
Bring this up every single time you talk to people…find out how fast they want to get promoted…did you want to start fast or slow???

They say fast…THIS IS A KEY STATEMENT…in which you say…
If I could help you get promoted quicker, would you listen to me?

They say Yes…you say…I need your phone contacts and I will make dials for you while you are in class (or while you are out learning how to sell life insurance),   I’ll make phone calls for you because literally somebody in your phone is praying tonight, going to bed…”give me something God, that’s going to get me out of my situation.”  And, if it’s us, I’m fired up about it…and if it’s not us, I’m fired up about it as either way does not matter to me.

1) Phone Scripts and Messages –

2) Recruiting Scripts that Work –

Here is another option…be YOU

Simple Script/Voice Message

Hi ________ This is Diane Lampe and __________ gave me your name as we needed some help in your area and ________ thought you would be a great fit, even on a part time basis.   I am setting up personal interviews and would very much like to speak with you.  Again, my name is __________ and I can be reached at ___________, or you can text me some available times we can talk.  Thanks, looking forward to us talking.

Hello __________
This is ___________. I was talking to __________(name of person who gave you the name). I asked _______if he knew anybody who could help us out. And you were the first person he thought of, ___________. And we just need some help.  We teamed up
with this company called Mutual of Omaha … Have you heard of them? Yes? No?

Ok, great. What we do is, we send out a whole bunch of letters to people and they send those letters back to us.  And we need people to go out and help us, and sit down with them . And __________ each time you sit down with one of our customers and take
care of them you get paid about $500 on average.
And, you know me and ___________ were curious if you could do this on a part time basis? You think you can help us?

Do this every day…and you can have 20-30 people in class pronto!!!
Be conversational, connect and have fun and watch your business grow!

Be sure and listen to audio below as it will really give you more specific info on exactly what to say and do

Another option…find the script that is the most like you…

“Hey ____________, you don’t know me but ________ gave me your number so you might be able to help us out. You got a minute to talk now or are you busy?”  What we do is we sit down with customers that ask us to sit down with them, when we sit down and get them taken care of, we get paid an average of $500 a pop.   You think you can help us full time or part time basis?  
They say yes, then we set up a time when they’re in front of the computer to fast track them and get them signed up into pre-licensing and if they say no, then I build up the new agent, I build him up in their eyes.
They may ask this…what they normally do is that they don’t just say yes, they say it might be..well what do you guys do, give me some more information”.
And what I say is, “Thank you for saying that, because it scares me when people say yes too quickly, because I haven’t really told you what we do.”
We market for 16 different insurance companies, and what we do is send out mailers, and what do most people do with their junk mail?  and I would say…throw that away.
What we found is about 1% respond back to us, and that’s what my agents do. What we do is, we go see the people who responded back to us. We don’t deal with the 99% who are not interested, we deal with the 1% who are. Then for every family that you go help, you’re going to average about 500 dollars a pop. And I’m not going to have you on a schedule, and I’m not going to have you with any quotas.   So you can go as much or as little as you want,
Then I ask them about their schedule…How many would understand your schedule? I get, on a day off, you know let’s say they work on a Monday to Friday and they have Saturday and Sunday off.
I say well, would you be willing to make some phone calls on Thursday and Friday, and set 5 or 6 appointments. Then, things always happen, so you physically sit down with 3 or 4 people and then help 2 or 3 people. So you make a thousand or Fifteen hundred bucks on a Saturday.
You think you can work that into your schedule? When I get a commitment from them on, “Well, yeah I’d like to do that”, well before I can give you my customers and their leads, I’ve got to get you licensed. For that we use company called __________ it’s online, it’s self paced and so I have people go through 2 or 3 days, I’ve had people go through 2 or 3 months, I’ve had people quit. So, it’s whatever you want to do with it, the cost of that pre-licensing is around $150 bucks, but we’re going to invest some money in you and take care of a hundred of that. So your cost for the class is only 50 bucks, are you next to a computer?
Or, is there any reason why you won’t be able to sign up for the class?


Warm Market is the key to building your team FAST and helping others in your team to do the same.

Listen to this audio – it will change how you recruit!

First start with yourself…
iPhone – go to your apps and download MC Backup – this will put all your contacts into a csv or excel spreadsheet, by which you can call up to 4 at a time with an audo dialer system such as CallFire.  You can leave a message for those that do not answer and THEY WILL call back.  Listen to the audio and it will tell you exactly what to say on that message too!

Android or other phones -Name of apps: Import / Export contacts to excel…export Upload to system (you can buy the minutes or in a package….will fit any budget.

There is a webinar that you can register for if you need help in setting up too…Go to Help Section on their site and register.

Special Note:
Once your and your agents download their contacts into the spreadsheet, have them send to you…you then call them and say, let’s go thru this list.  Taking people out that are already with us for example…(listen to the above audio)