Getting Agents Started

Great…You got someone in the system, licensed, contracted and ready to go…now what?

Or, you got someone their NAA number and registered for pre-licensing…now what?

Let’s talk about the agent that is licensed and contracted first: 

Here is a webinar that will share how to 10X your business–they have their NAA number and contacting, it is important to BAMFAM them (book a meeting from a meeting) within the first 24-24 hours…watch the video and mater this…and you will build your business FAST!

How to Build a Massive Team – Licensed Agents

Password:  10Xmybusiness

Your ultimate goal is to help the new agent get promoted to 85% in 90 days by building a team of agents…remember the minimum is 4, and become an Agency Manager and you can do it!

Helping them get paid in their first week is pivotal to making all this happen, and it will if you are intentional and focused to do so, for both licensed and unlicensed agents

How to Build a Massive Team – Get Unlicensed Agents Started

Recruiting Scripts that Work

1)  Go to Warm Market recruiting section and the information is right there on what and how to say to these new agents, and help them right away.

If you are local, go to the new agent’s home and present to his family…spouse, significant other, etc.  This way, the other understands what they are doing and can be supportive.  They will find they need the product, let them do it on themselves.  Some of them, even join in and become part of the Alliance too!  Have them complete the Green Sheet on themselves right then and there!

What you want them to do is to get them intro training appointments in their warm market as soon as possible.

Here is a very simple warm market call to do some training with who they know…the new agent can set this up…

We want you to make money while we help you build your business and get promoted!

It’s simple…let me ask you this…

You just started and…look do you think for your first couple, do you think it would be easier to sit with people that you know to get practice or strangers?

So, here’s what I need you to do…I need you to put together a ____ of
10-20 of your friends and family that are adults that you can practice the presentation with…okay? Practice.

Here’s the crazy thing…is that all you are trying to do is practice, but because they like and trust your already, and our products are so good, 7-8 out of the 10 you sit with are going to find something.

So, if I can show you how to make $2K, $3K, $4K in your week even before you know how to sell insurance, are you going to be upset with me?

So, what do you say when you call your friends up?

Hey _______, I don’t know if you know this but I just started this new job and my boss is being a pain   and he’s saying that I have to practice my presentation with like 20 people before he will even let me sit with any real clients. Do you mind helping me get this guy off my back? Will you let me practice with you?

What are they going to say when you ask that…if they are your friends and/or family. Everyone will want to HELP YOU OUT!

I am showing you a way you are guaranteed to set an appointment and sit with them and sell them something and the new agent doesn’t know how to do anything yet…how fast do you think you can grow your income and your team. Some of them will want to do what you do!

Side note:
One thing to tell a new recruit:  “My goal in asking you to train in your warm market is to keep your friends still your friends after you do the presentation with them.  Don’t go over there and try to sell them, keep it pure to be trained. Let them lead the conversation in providing the services. That’s what I do with my friends, and so it kind of takes the edge off because new people are nervous, you know I go to church on Sunday, I still want my friends to be my friends.

So, as I’m training them on how to make calls in the warm market and also do the presentation in their warm market, and don’t go in there as a salesman, go in there as they’re helping you with training. So many people are underinsured or have money to roll over. You’re going to run into business, don’t worry about that, you’re staying true to the training let the business happen while still being friends afterwards.