Cold Market Recruiting

This type of recruiting is effective when you apply this thought process:

  1.  It’s the law of large numbers
  2.  I must try different avenues and have more than one pole in the water
  3.  Consistency is key to your success and talking to a large number of people


I help people have fun, make money, and make a difference….

They usually say, no what do you do do?

I Help people, like we against this war on poverty, we’re trying to kick poverty’s butt and we’re looking for some help so Im trying to help people win the war against poverty in America.

They come back and say,
what is your job, like what do you do?

We’re big on Prosperity, inspiration and eternity, bo

They come back again…no like what do you do?

We do insurance

much more fun…than saying I’m an insurance sales person

Here are some examples of what to say when speaking to prospective new team members:

  1.  Resume seats – Monster (which you can get by calling NAA Corporate, or direct for Career Builder
  2.  Zip Recruiter*, SnagaJob, CraigsList,
  3.  Indeed*
  4.  College career boards
  5.  Church
  • Please note you cannot indicate NAA on these ads or you will be removed

Sample Ads:  It is all about the title of the ad…if they don’t click it, you won’t get a lead!       Click here for sample ads

If you put too many ads on Craigs List, you could get ghosted…read this…put check the internet for further updates on how to avoid this.

How not to get ghosted with Craigs List

I use this when talking to bigger thinkers…check out my napkin presentation