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There is the best time to recruit and build your team and position yourself for Partner which mean EQUITY!  You will be rewarded for growing and building a massive team…If you don’t know what that means, get with your Agency Manager, and learn how this could be your SHOT!

You are in this section as you are committed to winning big and helping others do the same!  

It is a must to commit to utilizing of all the tools we have in place to help you grow your business and income!  

Commit, stay focused, and take massive action…Be Unstoppable!

We do one thing – Sell, Recruit & Build  (and teach others to do the same)..duplication is key!  Speed is so important that many miss this.   You can recruit 12 in a year, 12 in a month, or 12 in a week…which is better for an explosion?  Lead from the front and start with YOU!!

Remember, your goal in recruiting…get your new agent licensed in less than two weeks (with license and fingerprints), get their List of Names, call them, and get money in their pocket as soon as they are licensed!  Here is how the flow will go and you will GROW FAST!

Recruiting Flowchart

Use this Checklist to track your progress:


1)  You must have people to talk to…

Warm market is the best and fastest – There is $1million in your phone, and in your new team members’ phones too!  Some of your best will come from depth, WAAAAAY in depth!  Remember, you are one team member away from an explosion

Watch Fitz share how to get Lists of Names and Building their team Immediately!
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Here are the scripts for the texts from Fitz training

2) Check this out…this is a quick 5 minute overview, especially for cold market, which explain what we do and how they can do it too!   Listen first, and set up a time for BAMFAM them, book a meeting from a meeting, and this will help you go even faster as you don’t have to explain everything.

Call 989-999-0898 

3)  If your new recruit is not licensed, don’t wait for that to happen while building their team.  What you need to do, get them an NAA number and get them committed to registering for their pre-licensing, setting their test date and fingerprints…each state is different for pricing!   Here is what I am doing to go even faster…

Get Licensed Quickly – Get Licensed – Life and Health    Code:  NAALampe

Check with your manager for the discount code for you to use!  If you plan on recruiting and building a team, we can also get you set up with your own special code so that you can track your agents’ progress.

Licensing Requirements by State
Testing Providers by State

Find out if they want to go slow or fast?  Show them how they can jump levels and have a team of agents even before they are licensed!

Multiply and multiply, help everyone, this can be their shot too!  Many starting as part time side-hustle, but remember, you can do this full time, you can do this part time, but you can’t do this in your spare time!   Run it like a business and be paid like a business, treat it like a hobby and you will pay for it like a hobby…don’t miss this opportunity! 


Let’s go!