In 2005, Bill and Diane found themselves with a mortgage business that was no longer profitable and they were massively in debt. The failing real estate and mortgage markets at the time meant that Bill and Diane had no alternative but to look at everything they had been doing and how they were doing it.

They refused to let their debt take over their lives and they decided they had to change what they did and how they did it. First, they had to accept they were in debt. That was hard, but they forced themselves to write a list of all their debts so they were clear on what they were facing.

They knew they could lose everything. So, Bill and Diane made a commitment to each other – they had to work hard because nothing less than massive action would change their situation. Maybe you are in the same position right now, so you’re here on The Lampe Company website hoping that what you see will be the real deal. Maybe you need to find something that will change your situation … and fast! Read on, because you have found a way out!

Frankly, Bill and Diane were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Their debt weighed them down, making it difficult for them to see beyond difficulties to new opportunities.

They knew they had to do something big, because anything less would not provide the money they needed to pay off their debts. So, they started thinking about how to get out of debt and found the financial services business … they worked hard, but they were able to go from $175,000 in business debt to earning $388,000 their first 11 months in the business, then their first full year in the business, earning $1.2 million…and they have never looked back!

So what really happened? Simple. They made up their mind to be financially successful. Bill and Diane knew that focusing on their debts just appeared to bring more bills to the mail box. Things don’t get better with hard work; they get worse, faster. In everyone’s life there is a time to embrace new ideas because the old ones are no longer working. For Bill and Diane, their debts made it time to think about and imagine a different outcome. Remember, you can’t continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome. Bill and Diane learned this valuable lesson in a hard way, but sometimes hardship is the best teacher.

They launched The Lampe Company, LLC with the mission of helping people become better than they thought they could be while making more money than they ever thought they could. The sky’s the limit for anyone wanting to join the team – Bill and Diane generously teach, train and mentor anyone who wants to change and grow into a leader who will make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. Bill and Diane sleep well each night knowing that they, and the people who join The Lampe Company, are doing the right things for the right reasons, and that the business fits their goals and values. Bill and Diane are able to mentor others who can duplicate their accomplishments and success – not in years or months, but in weeks.

Bill Lampe, a farm boy from Wisconsin, worked on the farm until his 18th birthday. He then went on to drive a truck more than 1 million miles in 8 years. A natural salesman, Bill was in the auto industry, holding positions as salesman, sales manager and general sales manager. Being entrepreneurial, he started his own successful training company and traveled throughout the U.S. He and Diane developed a number of very successful businesses in real estate, mortgages and financial services, The Lampe Company.

Diane Lampe was born and raised in Illinois, where she finished high school and then joined a prestigious firm as a secretary. However, she knew she was meant to do more. Diane recognized that to join upper management, she had to develop personally and professionally through learning and personal development. She spent many years in corporate America and moved into the sales field, ultimately leaving her last position as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a large firm in the water industry.

Over the past 15 years, Diane has studied and mastered the Success Principles that Napoleon Hill made famous in his many works, including The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich. Bill and Diane have built a nationally recognized multi-million dollar insurance business using the guiding principles from the Napoleon Hill program and through mentoring and guiding others to achieve their personal success and goals in life.  She is internationally recognized Napoleon Hill Leader Certified and Best Selling Author…”The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill,” published thru the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  All proceeds go to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Bill and Diane live in the Dallas Metroplex. They enjoy spending time with their family, as well as traveling several times a year, preferably to warm weather locations.